Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Future of Work: Implications for Asian Development Cooperation

DateDecember 26, 2019


Files AADC_Industrial-Revolution-4.0-and-the-Future-of-Work_1.2.200.pdf



Organized jointly by the Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management and The Asia Foundation, the “Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation” (AADC) dialogue series brings together development experts and government officials from the Asia region and beyond to share perspectives and to facilitate mutual learning between and among “emerging” and “traditional” development actors.

This year’s AADC dialogue discussed how Asian development cooperation could factor in the features of industrial revolution 4.0 (4IR) and to address the challenges posed by the future of work. The discussion included exploring present structural readiness in respective national contexts for the changing technological landscape, examining new types of partnerships in preparing for the transition, reviewing private sector-led strategies in tackling these challenges, and identifying areas of region-wide cooperation for mutual competitiveness.

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