2020 Northeast Asia Policy Dialogue Forum November 26, 2020 With the advent of the recent intertwined global crises from the Arctic meltdown to increasing wildfires, and now COVID-19, an action for climate change and sustainable development no longer is perceived as an act for future consideration, but an imminent emergency to save our lives and the economy. Among many causes that have precipitated global warming, material production accounts for more than fifth of global total emission which are mostly used in construction projects according to UNESCAP. Against this backdrop, the 2020 Northeast Asia Policy Dialogue Forum will focus on sustainable infrastructure from the national and regional perspectives. Organized jointly by KDI School of Public Policy and Management and The Asia Foundation, this forum aims to catalyze sustainable infrastructure initiatives as means to achieving regional cooperation by facilitating the exchange of ideas among key opinion leaders in China, Japan, Mongolia, and Korea. Among the 5 sessions, we would like to inv..

Marketing Talk Concert for Women Entrepreneurs in Gyeonggi Province November 26, 2020 The Asia Foundation, in co-hosting with Gyeonggido Job Foudnation, is hosting the Marketing Talk Concert to promote communication between large Korea retail corporates and women entrepreneurs in Gyeonggi Province. The event is to support regional women entrepeneurs who are socially marginalized to discuss openly the sales opportunities with retail companies and boost their sales through sharing of expertise and know-hows from the experts in online and offline sales. ● Date: 14:00-16:00 on November 30, 2020 ● Hosts: The Asia Foundation Korea Office, Gyeonggido Job Foundation ● Format: Online (Zoom) ● Audience: 100 GJF member women entrepreneurs ● Participants: ~100 women entrepreneurs ● Programs: Presentation, panel sessions, Q&A ● Speakers: - Starfield Hanam - WeMakePrice - Homeplus For more information on the talk concert and online registration, please click this link.

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