Virtual Event - North Korean Refugee Entrepreneurs in South Korea April 28, 2021 Join The Asia Foundation and KDI School of Public Policy and Management (KDI School) for a launch event of our report on North Korean Refugee Entrepreneurs in South Korea: Unveiling Korea’s Hidden Potential. Seventy-five years after the onset of Asia’s Cold War, the world remains focused on the geopolitics of inter-Korean relations. Meanwhile, an emerging community of more than 33,000 refugees from North Korea currently live in South Korea; half aspire to become entrepreneurs. Despite the potential insight the refugee community could offer, there is insufficient data and limited understanding of their circumstances and specific needs. To fill this gap, The Asia Foundation produced North Korean Refugee Entrepreneurs in South Korea: Unveiling Korea’s Hidden Potential, conducting a series of interviews and a landmark survey of 131 refugee entrepreneurs. The Asia Foundation is proud to host an in-depth discussion of this report with the KDI School. Experts will discuss insights on North Korean refugee e..

[Impact for Breakfast] Can Public Policy Unlock Korea’s Growth Potential in Sustainable Finance? March 31, 2021 [5th Impact for Breakfast Seoul Event] Interest in sustainable finance is growing worldwide, reaching $40 trillion in ESG investments and $750 billion in impact investment market size. 2021 may be a potential turning point year for Asia in Sustainable finance. However, Korea and East Asia remain significantly behind, both in terms of investment flows and Assets Under Management, compared to Europe and North America, Latin America and Africa. For Korea, this is a major gap (and opportunity) to grow the mobilization of responsible capital that (a) increases the flow of global capital to Korea, (b) co-investment opportunities in Korea and Asia, and (c) addressing key social and environment challenges facing Korea and the rest of Asia through Korean co-financing and expertise. A recent study by The Asia Foundation, with inputs from IFB Seoul members, identified three key challenges in Korea’s sustainable finance landscape: ..

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