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2019 Impact Consulting Camp in Hanoi, Vietnam

Impact Consulting Camp

Hanoi, Vietnam

July 22 ~ 30, 2019

The Asia Foundation Korea co-hosted ‘2019 Impact Consulting Camp (ICC)’ in partnership with Hanyang University and Foreign Trade University from July 22nd to July 30th.


Started since last year, ICC is a project-based learning program for undergraduates, hosted every summer in Vietnam. During this intensive 2-week program, participants are provided with in-depth consulting experience for social value: receive trainings on new framework and methodology; apply them in an actual case for local companies and organizations; and present their findings to clients.


This year’s ICC surrounded the concept of ‘Economics of Mutuality (EoM)’, a framework developed by Mars Catalyst – an internal thinktank organization of world-famous chocolate making company, Mars Incorporated. EoM challenges to restructure the existing profit-oriented role of companies to a value-creating role within an ecosystem surrounding a ‘purpose’, which fundamentally changes the way a company operates and measure its performances. EoM is currently acknowledged for its innovativeness and potential impact by many global entities including Oxford University.


Camp participants were trained on the concept of EoM by an expert from Mars Catalyst, and on consulting skills by Kwang Kim, the Korea Representative of The Asia Foundation. Afterwards, they met with their consulting clients – Vietnam Post, Foreign Trade University Innovation and Incubation Space (FIIS), and The Asia Foundation – to identiy their problems, and initiated team projects to address them based on the concept of EoM.


Throughout the process, participants conducted site visits, interviews with stakeholders and experts, and desk research and developed well-structured findings despite short amount of given time. Participants received very positive feedbacks from Mars Catalyst and client organizations after delivering their findings, and was also given an opportunity to present them to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Shin-koo Kim, a participant of the camp stated, “My time during ICC was like a gift for me. Not only was I able to learn how to systematically approach a social problem through EoM, but it also allowed me to grow through cooperating with new people in a new environment, constantly reaching and overcoming my limits throughout the camp.”


Photo by Foreign Trade University Innovation and Incubation Space (FIIS)