Asia Development Fellow Learn About Korean Development Experience

Asia Development Fellow Learn About Korean Development Experience

Fellowship to Korea



The Asia Foundation hosted two development specialists from South and Southeast Asia to learn about Korea’s development experience.


Md. Mahboob Murshed (shown in the photo above), presently an Advocate at the Supreme Court from Bangladesh, was placed at the Korea University Law School in July, where he’s been examining “A Comparative Analysis between Bangladeshi and Korean Legal Frameworks for Combating Cybercrime to Ensure Cyber Security.” He’s been actively engaged in research work and visited relevant organizations such as Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) and Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA).


Mr. Souphy Norintha, presently serving as a Deputy Director in the Legal Affairs Department, the Ministry of Justice of Lao PDR, will be placed at the Korean Institute of Legislative Studies, Inc. in August, where he will carry out his proposed research entitled, “A Research on Law Making Process in Korea,”


The duration of the fellowship is approximately two to three months and fellows will produce a research paper at the end of the fellowship term. The research fellowships are sponsored by the KDI School as part of the International Development Cooperation Capacity Building Program.