International Development Capacity Building Program

아시아 재단, 2016년도 국제개발협력 역량강화 프로그램 펠로우 장기 연수생 선발_SMALL

Jee-eun Jun, Asian Development Fellow to the Philippines from 2016

Supporting Korea’s Growing Role As an Aid Provider

The Asia Foundation, in partnership with Korea Development Institute (KDI), is implementing a program aimed at supporting Korea’s growing role as an aid provider to developing countries. The program, which began in 2008, creates opportunities for staff of Korean government and NGO international development agencies to study the actual situation of developing countries in Asia through study trips and research fellowships. The programs are organized and hosted by Asia Foundation offices in the receiving countries. The program also hosts experts from Asian countries to Korea to meet with counterparts and learn from Korea’s experience. Each year one or more international conferences on key development issues are organized with Korean and international specialists.


In 2016, as part of the International Development Cooperation Capacity Building Program, The Asia Foundation and KDI School co-hosted a study visit to Korea for newly-elected members of the Myanmar Parliament under the theme, “Capacity Building for Myanmar’s Parliament (Hluttaw): Korea’s Experiences and Practices” Also, one Korean development expert was placed at The Asia Foundation’s Philippines Office where she was able to conduct research focused on “Open Government and Citizen Engagement for Sustainable Development Goals”. In 2017, the program addressed two themes relevant to Asian development experts today: “International Development Cooperation for Human Resource Development” and “International Sustainable Development Cooperation: South-South and Triangular Cooperation”. Eighteen Korean fellows were selected and dispatched to The Asia Foundation’s offices in Laos and Thailand to study the development challenges in those countries and observe Asia Foundation programs. Also, a fellow from Laos is doing research in Korea through the Asia Development Fellowship program at the Institute for Development and Human Security (IDHS), Ewha Womans University in Seoul where she is able to conduct the research project on “Menstrual Health Management – a South Korean Case Study”.

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For information on any of these programs, please contact Ms. Lee Kyung-sook, Director of Programs.


Fellowship to Asia

The Asia Foundation (TAF) places staff of Korean NGOs and government development agencies, and graduate students in TAF program offices in developing countries for up to three months to gain direct on-the-ground experience with program planning and implementation, and to conduct research on relevant topics. Through obtaining this first-hand knowledge, the participant enhances the understanding on various development issues and multifaceted approaches. As of June 2016, total 8 fellows were dispatched to TAF Offices in the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Mongolia, and made research on subjects including governance, conflict management, gender mainstreaming.


Year Name Affiliation Dispatched to Research Topic
2016 Jee-eun Jun INDI(Information and Data Innovation) LAB TAF Philippines Open Government and Citizen Engagement for Sustainable Development Goals
2015 Hogeun Park Michigan State University TAF Mongolia Modeling Informal Urban Expansion Using an Agent-based Approach in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2014 Yu-Jin Kim International Women & Family Foundation TAF Sri Lanka Local Governance and Social Protection in Sri Lanka
2013 Min-young Kim Global Civic Sharing TAF Sri Lanka Understanding Global Civic Sharing: Toward Organizational Improvement
2012 Kyoung hwa Ha Not Available TAF Sri Lanka Pro-poor PPP Model for Amapra Urban Council
2010 Changpyo Lee World Vision Korea International Development Department TAF Laos Integration of Economic Development and Environment Sector in Rural Context
2009 Hyunjoo Kim Yonsei Graduate School of Intn’l Studies TAF Phillippines Governance and Development Cooperation in Asia
Jiyoung Yoo KOICA TAF Bangladesh Development Cooperation in Islamic Societies
2008 Dongju Yu Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy TAF Thailand Employment Creation through Development Assistance to Tourism Projects
Jae Eun Noh Good Neighbors International TAF Bangladesh Lessons Learned from Rights-based Programming in Bangladesh
Jin-A Yang KDI School TAF Sri Lanka Korean Development Assistance NGOs in Sri Lanka
Jujin Chung Not Available TAF Nepal Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution
So Hui Cho KOICA TAF Vietnam Facilitating TAF Gender Mainstreaming Methodology into KOICA programs

Fellowship to Korea

The Asia Foundation Korea office also hosts experts from Asian developing countries to Korea for diverse experiences and knowledge sharing. The participants are selected from various backgrounds usually of government branch, NGO, academia, and think tank, through the 16 offices spread throughout in Asian region. During the three months of fellowship, fellows are assigned a post in appropriate institution relevant to their research topic to make a proposal that supports the development in their own countries.


Year Name Affiliation Dispatched to Research Topic
2017 Vilayphone Choulamany Vientiane Youth and Women’s Health Centre from Laos Institute for Development and Human Security, Ewha Woman’s University Menstrual Health Management
2016 Susantha Udagedara Sri Lanka Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment Korea Environment Institute Assessing the Level of Climate Change Awareness among Selected School Teachers in South Korea
2015 Mahboob Murshed The Supreme Court from Bangladesh The Korea University Law School A Comparative Analysis between Bangladeshi and Korean Legal Frameworks for Combating Cybercrime to Ensure Cyber Security
Souphy Norintha The Legal Affairs Department, the Ministry of Justice of Lao PDR The Korean Institute of Legislative Studies, Inc. A Research on Law Making Process in Korea
2014 Suvdaa Damiran National University of Mongolia Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade Improvement of Mongolian Government’s Financial policy toward SMEs through Reflecting Korean Experience
Govinda Shah Nepal Center for Development & Communication Korea Development Institute School A study on International Politics & Development of South Korea
Rama Devi Parajuli Nepal Office of The Attorney General Korean Institute of Criminology Crime Victim Protection System in South Korea: Legal Provisions and Practices
2013 Babar Shahbaz Institute of Agri. Extension & Rural Development, University of Agriculture in Pakistan Rural Development Administration Rural Development and Sustainable Livelihoods
Nguyen Ngock Luan Rural Development Center, Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development Korea Rural Economic Institute Study on Korea’s Experience on Community and Rural Development to Apply for Nong Thon Moi in Vitenam
Anushka Wijesinha Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka Korea Development Institute State Leadership in Industrialization: Korea’s Policy Support for SMEs and Relevance to Sri Lanka
2012 Priyadarshi Dash Reasearch and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade FDI, Catch-up and Growth Dispersion: Korean Experience
Fahmida Khatun Centre for Policy Dialogue Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade Green Growth Strategy for Bangladesh: Areas for Korean Support
2011 Guteriano Neves La’o Hamutuk (Timor-Leste local NGO) The Asia Foundation, Korea Office South Korea’s Development Experience: What Can Timor-Leste Learn?
Thinzar Htun Myanmar Thingaha Gender Working Group Working Women Academy Participated in the programs of the host organization
Fitri Yanti Congress of Indonesia Union Alliance Working Women Academy Participated in the programs of the host organization
2010 Oyundelger Bavuudorj Mongolian National Development and Innovation Committee KDI Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center Improving Public Investment Planning in Mongolia: Lessons Learned from Korean Experience on the Ex-ante Appraisal for Investment Projects

Study Visits to Asia

TAF Korea organizes one-week in-depth orientation visits to select Asian developing countries for Korean participants. For the past 10 years, over 100 development professionals from government and private sectors were selected and sent to countries with fundamental development issues. The fellows searched for effective development cooperation approach method and strategies..


Year Date Country Theme
2018 Jun 30th – Jul. 8th Indonesia International development cooperation for sustainable development of middle-income countries
2017 Aug. 19th – Aug. 27th Thailand International Sustainable Development Cooperation: South-South and Triangular Cooperation
Jun. 3rd – Jun. 11th Laos International Development Cooperation for Human Resource Development
2016 Jul. 30th – Aug. 7th Sri Lanka International Development Cooperation for Balanced Regional Development
May 14th – May 22nd Myanmar International Development Cooperation in Countries in Transition
2015 Jul. 25th – Aug. 2nd The Philippines Migration and Development Cooperation
Jun. 6th – Jun. 13th Vietnam Climate Change and Development Cooperation
2014 Sep. 20th – Sep. 28th Mongolia Urbanization and Development Cooperation
May. 16th – May. 24th Bangladesh Economic Opportunities for the Poor and Development Cooperation
2013 Apr. 27th – May 5th Nepal Development Cooperation in Post-conflict States
2012 May 26th – Jun. 3rd Laos Resource Dependence and Development Cooperation
2011 May 28th – Jun. 5th Timor-Leste Development Planning and Cooperation in Fragile States
2010 Jun. 6th – Jun. 12th Sri Lanka Regional economy development and governance
May 9th – May 15th Indonesia Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
2009 Oct. 25th – Oct. 31st Cambodia Governance and Asian development cooperation
May 9th – May 19th Bangladesh Development cooepration in Islamic nations
2008 Aug. 2nd – Aug. 31st The Philippines Peace-building and Development in Conflict-Affected Regions
May 11th – May 17th Mongolia Environment and development in Mongolia

Study Visits to Korea

TAF invites representatives of Asian government and NGO development organizations to Korea to meet with Korean counterparts and study Korea’s historical and current approaches to addressing development needs. During the trip, the representatives visit Korean national institutions and civil society networks to share each country’s development process.


Year Date Participant Nationalities Topic
2018 May. 13th – May. 19th Indonesia, Philippines Sustainable Development of Middle-Income Countries: Korea’s Experiences and Practices
2017 Nov. 12th – Nov. 18th Cambodia Women’s Economic Participation: Korea’s Experiences and Practices
2016 Nov. 11th – Nov. 19th Myanmar Capacity Building for Myanmar’s Parliament (Hluttaw): Korea’s Experiences and Practices
2015 Nov. 1st – Nov. 8th Bangladesh, The Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam Urban Climate Change Resilience
2014 Oct. 26th – Oct. 30th Laos Education and Human Resource Development: Korea’s Experiences and Lessons Learned
Jun. 15th – Jun. 21st Mongolia Capacity Building for Mongolia’s Smart Government: Korean Experiences and Practices
2013 Oct. 27th – Nov. 7th Bangladesh Capacity Building for Bangladeshi Parliament: Korea’s Experiences and Practices
Jul. 7th – Jul. 13th Nepal Korea’s Development Experiences and Lessons Learned
2012 Oct. 21st – Oct. 27th Laos Human and Institutional Capacity Building: Korea Experiences and Lessons Learned
2011 Nov. 4th – Nov. 12th Timor-Leste Economic development Policy and planning: Korea Experiences and Lessons Learned
2010 Oct. 23rd – Oct. 30th Sri Lanka Public-Private Partnerships & State-Owned Enterprises
Apr. 4th – Apr. 10th Indonesia Women’s Empowerment
2009 Jun. 21st – Jun. 27th Vietnam Korea’s Experience in Enacting and Implementing the Legislation on Information Disclosure by Public Agencies
Apr. 19th – Apr. 25th Cambodia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, The Phillippines, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia Good Governance through Government and Civil Society Partnership
2008 Oct. 26th – Nov. 1st Vietnam, Mongolia, The Phillippines, Laos Environment and Development
Aug. 3rd – Aug. 9th Vietnam Public Administration Capacity Building

International Conferences

Through international conferences and discussions for international development and cooperation, The Asia Foundation has brought to the table issues that hold back development across Asia. The Asia Foundation, in a long-standing partnership with UN agencies, World Bank, USAID, AusAID, UKaid, will make great efforts to offer expert opinion on development assistance to reflect changing circumstances.


Year Date Theme
2016 Apr. 19th – Apr. 20th Non-State Actors in Asian Development Cooperation: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations
2015 Oct. 28th – Oct. 29th Advancing South-South Cooperation: Provider Perspectives
2012 Nov. 2nd Rising Inequality in Asia: Asian Strategies for Effective Pro-Poor Growth
2011 Sep. 1st – Sep. 2nd Seoul Civil Society Forum on Aid and Development Effectiveness
2010 Jan. 9th Asia-Pacific Forum on development and Gender: Good Practices, Sustainable Partnerships, Effective Aid
Sep. 28th Asia-Pacific Forum on Development and Gender
2009 Nov. 24th – Nov. 25th DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES & INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Pakistan
2008 Mar. 20th – Mar. 21st Korea’s Changing Roles in Southeast Asia
Jul. 7th Development assistance in areas of conflict: Lessons from the field
Oct. 30th Protecting the Environment and Enhancing Economic Growth: Practical Approaches in Asia