Challenges of Building Gender-equal Business Ecosystem for Startups

The Women's News

January 24, 2019

On 14th December 2018, Gyeonggido Family & Women Research Institute held a forum on Challenges of Building Gender-equal Business Ecosystem for Startups. 


The forum is to share the findings of the research on Business Environment in Gyeonggido for Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Leadership” funded by The Asia Foundation. 


The research was conducted to identify challenges and suggest policy directions for expanding women’s economic leadership, by analyzing core capabilities required to start a business and differences between women and men in starting and operating a business.  


The Gyeonggi provincial government is designing a master plan for “Dream Maru”, a co-working space dedicated specifically to women, which can serve as a continuous networking hub for women entrepreneurs. The institute plans to reflect the suggestions from the forum to the final report. 


“From traditional small enterprise startups to technology-based innovative startups, and social ventures – there have been various types of startups in diverse fields in recent years. With this background, policy experiments to establish a gender-equal business ecosystem are necessary to escalate these opportunities to women’s economic leadership,” said Dr. Choi Yoon-sun who led the research. 


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