Fellowships and Scholarship Programs

Nieman Fellowship Programs

Established in 1938, Harvard’s Nieman Fellowship is the oldest and best-known mid-career program for working journalists. Its aims are to promote and elevate the standard of journalism in the U.S. and to educate persons deemed specially qualified for journalism from other countries.


The Korea Office exercises the utmost care in the candidate screening process of the fellowship. The Nieman Fellowship is offered every two years and is supported by the Sungkok Journalism Foundation and the YBM Inc.

Korean Nieman Fellows


Year Name Affiliation
1963 Kim Yong-koo The Hankook Ilbo
1965 Park Kwon-sang The Dong-A Ilbo
1966 Cho Se-hyong The Kyunghyang Shinmun
1967 Lim Bang-hyun The Hankook Ilbo
1968 Nam Jae-hee The Chosun Ilbo
1969 Kwon O-kie The Chosun Ilbo
1970 Yim Hong-bin The Hankook Ilbo
1971 Lew Hyuck-in The Dong-A Ilbo
1972 Kim Dong-ik The JoongAng Ilbo
1973 Kim Jin-hyun The Dong-A Ilbo
1974 Lee Jung-suk KBS
1975 Kim Yong-tae The Chosun Ilbo
1990 Choi Kyu-chul The Dong-A Ilbo
1992 Shin Sung-soon The JoongAng Ilbo
1994 Lee Jin-sook MBC
1996 Kim Jae-hong The Dong-A Ilbo
1997 Cho Gab-je The Monthly Chosun
1998 Heo Nam-jin The JoongAng Ilbo
1999 Rhee Byeong-gyu The Hankook Ilbo
2000 Lee Kwang-chool KBS
2001 Lee Dong-kwan The Dong-A Ilbo
2003 Rhee In-yong MBC
2005 Kang Young-jin The JoongAng Ilbo
2007 Yoon Jung-ho The Chosun Ilbo
2009 Choi Jae-hyun KBS
2012 Lee Chong-ae SBS
2014 Kim Seung-ryun Channel A
2016 Kim Kyoungtae MBC


* As of August 2016

Luce Scholars Program

The Foundation also administers the Luce Scholars program in Korea in partnership with the Henry Luce Foundation. Launched in 1974, the Luce Scholars program brings to Korea highly accomplished young Americans in a variety of professional fields who have no prior experience in Asia and who might not otherwise have an opportunity in the normal course of their careers to come to know Asia.


The Korea office helps identify suitable placement institutions for American Luce Scholars in Korea and assists in visa processing, housing arrangements and other management tasks during the Scholars’ stay.

Lists of Luce Scholars

Year Name Affiliation Dispatched Organization
2017-18 Monique Claiborne Princeton University Asian Boss
2017-18 Sakaria L. Auelua-Toomey University of Hawai’I at Manoa Ewha Womans University, School of Communication and Media
2015-16 Diana Won Rutgers University Merry Year Social Company (MYSC)
2015-16 Amarynth Sichel Barnard College Seoul Metropolitan Government
2014-15 Joshua Cole Boston University Seoul National University, Graduate Schoolof Public Health
2013-14 Gene Merewether Princeton University Seoul National University, BioRobotics Lab
2012-13 Dana Toy Emory University Department of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon University
2011-12 Daisy Larios Drexel University The National Library of Korea
2010-11 Shira Milikowsky Columbia University Seoul Metropolitan Theatre, Sejong Center
2009-10 Nathaniel Gleisher Yale University National Information Society Agency (NIA)
2009-10 Brittan Heller Yale University Gonggam, Beautiful Foundation
2009-10 Andrew G. Gruen Cambridge University Omynews
2008-09 Ian D. Simon Yale University Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI)
2007-08 Michael Solis Princeton University National Human Rights Commission of  Korea
2006-07 Roberto Padilla University of Southern California Dongwoo Animation Co., Ltd.
2005-06 Nathaniel Stankard Harvard Law School  East Asia Institute
2003-04 Ravi Kavasery Johns Hopkins University Environmental Management Center, Posco Research Institute, Ministry of Environment
2003-04 Nicole Hallet Depauw University National Human Rights Commission of Korea
2003-04 Carl Fisher University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Neurology, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Severance Hospital
2002-03 Benjamin S. Ball Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy
2001-02 Toby F. Dalton University of Washington Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University
2000-01 Sam L. Wilcke California Institute of Technology Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University
1999-00 Suzanne F. Wiltgen Mount Holyoke College Laughing Stone Dance Company,Juksan, Anseong
1999-00 Anna H. Hepler Oberlin College Hong-Ik University
1998-99 Samuel J. Sober Wesleyan University College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University
1996-97 Katie E. Wiltrout University of Notre Dame  The Korea Times, Seoul
1996-97 Michael G. Rogol Georgetown University  Korea International Cooperation Agency
1996-97 Catherine M. DuRant Furman University  Ilmin International Relations Institute, Korea University
1996-97 Gawain F. de Leeuw Oberlin College Sungkonghoe University
1995-96 Kristin D. Rechberger Duke University Educational Broadcasting System (EBS)
1995-96 Jason R. Cox University of Northern  Carolina at Chapel Hill College of Agriculture and Life Science, Seoul National University
1993-94 David J. Kennedy Harvard University Social Welfare Center, Chung Ang University
1993-94 Sharon L. Greenberger Massachusetts Institute  of Technology Korea Research Institute for Human Resettlement
1992-93 Sean P. McDevitt Northwestern University Management Consulting Center, LG Economic Research Institute
1992-93 Juliet K. Eilperin Princeton University The Korea Business World
1991-92 Mikael L. Falk The Johns Hopkins University Systems Engineering Research Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
1990-91 Don A. Saroff Vanderbilt University Hallym University Medical School
1990-91 M. Ellen Eisenlohr (Dorn) Duke University Korean Association for Voluntary Effort
1990-91 Holly Ornstein Carter The Colorado College The Sisa Journal
1988-89 Sung Hui Kim Emory University Asiatic Research Center, Korea University
1987-88 Timothy R. Tangherlini University of California National Museum of Korea
1987-88 James P. O’Conor University of Pennsylvania LG Corporation
1987-88 Mary C. Mazzio Mount Holyoke College Kim and Chang International Law Firm
1986-87 Jonathan T. Reckford University of North Carolina Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee
1983-84 Dennis J. Scannell, Jr. University of Sourthern California Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee
1982-83 John H. Rex Rice University Dept. of Microbiology, Yonsei University
1982-83 William H. Rees The Johns Hopkins University  Korea Electrotechonology and Telecommunications Research Institute (KETRI)
1980-81 Robert T. Fancher Vanderbilt University Sogang University
1979-80 Michael F, Wenke Washington and Lee University Korean Amateur Basketball Association
1979-80 John E. Marcom, Jr. Princeton University The Korea Times
1978-79 Daniel A. Waxer University of Southern California Korean Health Development Institute
1978-79 Scott M. Ageloff Carnegie Mellon University Architects Group Forum
1977-78 Anne. M. Wes Stanford University Korean Cultural Research Institute, Ewha Womans University
1977-78 Thomas E. Darden II University of North, Carolina at Chapel Hill Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
1976-77 Donald T. Hughston University of North, Carolina at Chapel Hill Korean Cultural Research Institute, Ewha Womans University

Scholarship Program for Disadvantaged Girls in Vietnam

The Friends of the Asia Foundation Korea is operating a scholarship program for Vietnamese high school girls in the Mekong Delta region. The Mekong area is where human trafficking and exploitation frequently occur due to high drop-out rates. The scholarship program, now in its fourth cohort, is helping 60 high school girls receive their high school diplomas and obtain better jobs. To see a short video that highlights one of the scholarship recipients, please click here.

Separately from these programs, the Foundation will consider requests to organize dialogue programs in the United States for self-funded programs by Korean government, academic or NGO groups. The Office will offer its services for making contacts and organizing forums with appropriate counterparts in the U.S.


Information on all of these programs is available from the Office.