Indonesia and Philippines Delegation Visits Korea for Capacity Development

Seoul, Korea

May, 2018

From May 13 to 19, 2018, Indonesia and Philippines delegation visited Korea for capacity development under the theme of Sustainable Development of Middle-income Countries: Korea’s Experience and Practices.


This capacity building program for 15 delegates from Indonesia and the Philippines, which are in the status of Lower Middle-Income Country, is designed to share Korea’s experience in accelerating economy and escaping middle-income trap, and to introduce policy strategies for sustainable development at the national and subnational level. The delegation has taken part in lectures, group discussions, and field trips to think-tanks, government affiliated entities, local governments, NGOs in Korea.


Starting with lectures on Korea’s economic development experiences focusing on foreign aids and the middle-income trap by Dr. Joon-Kyung Kim, Former President of KDI, and Dr. Daehee Song, Former President of the Korea Institute for Public Finance, from KDI school, the delegation visited Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET) and Korea Institute of Public Finance (KIPF). The visits to the institutes brought better understanding for Korea’s economic growth and policy strategy for sustainable development in economic aspects. In addition to the professional institutes, the delegation visited Governors Association of Korea, Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development, Suwon City Government, Gyeonggi Provincial Government, DDABOK Community Support Center, Nongol Community as part of an effort to improve socio-economic conditions and achieve sustainable growth via balanced regional development. Lastly, the delegation participated in the wrap-up session, a roundtable discussion with four experts from the sectors of land and housing, environmental law, legal advocacy, and social welfare, and deepened their understanding on the development and current situation of respective sector.