International Relations


The Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia Project in Seoul, January 19, 2017

Unique Perspective and Extraordinary Access

The Asia Foundation’s international relations programs promote U.S.-Korea relations and relations among Asian countries. The Foundation’s long history and network of offices in Asia provide it with extraordinary access to current and emerging leaders, and a unique perspective on developments and dynamics within the region.


In Korea, Foundation programs aim to contribute to a peaceful resolution of tensions on the Korean peninsula and support the North’s efforts for economic change and opening through study tours, exchanges, trainings and professional contacts. The Foundation also conducts research and facilitates dialogue on the complex foreign policy issues facing Korea, neighboring countries, and the United States.


On a larger scale, the Foundation has been regularly involved in the Foundation’s “Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia” project, a series of high-level workshops held every four years to examine critical bilateral and trans-national issues in Asia and the U.S. The discussion brings together a distinguished group of Asian and American policy experts, current and former diplomats, and scholars to develop recommendations for U.S. policy toward Asia. The issues addressed in the past workshops include stability on the Korean peninsula, conflict in Afghanistan and other parts of Asia, energy security, environmental degradation and Asia’s political and economic architecture, trade, and investment.