North Korea

A book donated by The Asia Foundation at Pyongyang’s Grand People's Study Hall

A book donated by The Asia Foundation at Pyongyang’s Grand People’s Study Hall

A Peaceful Resolution of Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

The Asia Foundation supports constructive engagement with North Korea and the ultimate goal of peaceful Korean unification through the efforts of the Korean people.


Through targeted program trainings and exchanges, the Foundation seeks to improve North Korea’s institutional and human capacity for implementing changes that will eventually help improve the welfare of its people and encourage economic reform and opening.


Through the Books for Asia Program (link to Books for Asia program page), the Foundation has provided more than 200,000 English-language volumes on a broad range of topics to the leading public and university libraries in North Korea.


In addition, the Foundation has organized technical training and exchanges in international law and economics, agricultural science, and English teaching.


The Foundation also organizes conferences where experts from various sectors and countries discuss the challenges posed by engagement with North Korea and new strategies to enhance peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and the region.

Books for Asia

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