The Asia Foundation to Facilitate a Discussion on Opportunities in Asia for Korean Firms and Impact Investors

2019 Asia Impact Nights

Jeju, Korea

November 21 ~ 23, 2019


Kwang Kim, the Country Representative of The Asia Foundation, will moderate a workshop on ‘Korea Deep Dive – Scaling Impact Investment in Asia’ during Asia Impact Nights 2019 scheduled between November 21 to 23.


This topic is important because, at the national level, finding new sources of growth (both new products/services and markets) is both an imperative and great opportunity for the future of the Korean economy, which has been struggling to grow in the past years. At the business level, seeing practical examples of Korean or Korean related enterprises seizing opportunities presented by 640 million customers in the ASEAN market alone (vs. 50 million in Korea) is an important model for other Korean entities to follow.


Asia Impact Nights 2019 is an annual event co-hosted by TONIIC, a global network of impact investors, and D3 Jubilee, one of the leading impact venture capital firm in Korea. This year’s agenda is ‘Investing in Natural Capital for a Sustainable Future’, specifically putting its focus on the environmental issues. The event is expected to gather an approximate of 150 participants active in impact investment organizations, family offices, financial institutions, funds, accelerators, impact asset management advisors, and consulting agencies not only from Korea, also from different parts of Asia – as well as from US and Europe with keen interests in Asia.


The workshop on ‘Korea Deep Dive – Scaling Impact Investment in Asia’ moderated by Kwang will consist in-depth panel discussions on the impact investment ecosystem in Korea, which is one of the most activated landscape in the region but not yet acknowledged globally. The discussion will expand further on Korean impact ecosystem’s potential linkages to rest of Asia.


The invited panels for the workshop include Jung Hyun Kim, Investment Director of Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation – Korea’s first private-led wholesale fund for social development; Sangyeob Han, CEO of Sopoong – Korea’s leading social venture accelerator; Homin Kim, Co-Founder & General Partner of SparkLabs – the largest startup accelerator in Korea; and Sung-Hoon Lim, General Partner of D3 Jubilee.


More on 2019 Asia Impact Nights and registration can be found here.


Photo by TONIIC