ROK-U.S-Australia Trilateral Dialogue Report Released

DateApril 21, 2022


Files Firm-Partners-In-An-Unstable-Region-Prospects-for-Trilateral-Cooperation-between-ROK-Aus-US_EN.pdf






Trilateral Republic of Korea-Australia-United States cooperation is long overdue and as yet untapped. The reasons for this are complex, but with converging interests and the proven success of other regional multilateral frameworks such as the Quad, formalizing ROK-Australia-US cooperation should be imperative for all three governments. These countries are drawn progressively closer by shared security challenges, supply chain, energy security, Covid-19 recovery needs, and the significant benefits of enhanced economic coordination. This report is based on the discussion of the 2021 ROK-Australia-US Trilateral Dialogue. The ROK-Australia-US Trilateral Dialogue addressed these issues in greater detail, facilitating an exchange of national positions and increasing mutual understanding. The Asia Foundation-Perth USAsia Centre ROK-Australia-US Trilateral Dialogue brought together some of the most senior current and former government officials from all three nations. Importantly, the dialogue also included industry, academia, and think tank representatives, creating an interdisciplinary approach and generating recommendations that blended theory and practice.


Please find the attached PDF file to see the report.




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