The Asia Foundation organized the Korea-ASEAN seminar on innovation for gender equality in Covid-19 era

DateDecember 09, 2020





December 9, 2020 - With the support of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, The Asia Foundation Korea and Thailand convened a Korea-ASEAN seminar entitled Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia: Innovation for Gender Equality in Covid-19 Era, in cooperation with ACSDSD (ASEAN Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Dialogue.) The unprecedented onset of Covid-19 pandemic has placed women at a risk in the economic sector particularly and innovative solutions could be the key to minimizing the disproportionate impact and promoting sustainability and resilience. With this background in mind, representatives from the ASEAN secretariat, UN Women, governments, private sector, academia, think tanks, and civil society organizations in ASEAN region and Korea discussed the impact of Covid-19 on women and the importance of innovation for promoting gender equality.


Also, innovative practices were shared by the Ministry of Family and Gender Equality and Family, the Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology (WISET), and Tictoccroc Inc. from Korea side and Mahidol University, Women Peace Makers, and Akelada Hotel & Convention from ASEAN member states. In the last session, ACSDSD, UN Women, Korean Women’s Development Institute, and the ASEAN Secretariat shared and discussed their ideas for the way forward.



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